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"Just a few days before the kick off of of Comic-Con International in San Diego 2014, Dark Horse Comics announced a long-awaited project: Author Chuck Palahniuk’s sequel to "Fight Club" as a comic book series. With interior art by Cameron Stewart and covers from David Mack, the series picks up ten years after the events of the novel, finding the previously unnamed narrator (now going by the name "Sebastian") and Marla married, and judging from the first teaser image by Stewart — found exclusively on CBR — they’re expecting a new addition to their family…"

I’d rather have David Mack do the interior art, frankly. Cameron Stewart is a great artist, but I don’t think he suits Fight Club. Mack’s loose brush style seems to be a better fit. Or Ted McKeever. I’d buy the merry hell out of a McKeever Fight Club comic.



  • Great literature is easily found at thrift stores and often in excellent condition (often because the fool who donated it didn’t read a word of it, the horror!) Over half of my classics novels were bought for $1 or less. Thrifting for books isn’t brain surgery, but if you aren’t sure where to start this master post might be of help. 
  • Where to go? Everywhere and anywhere.  I don’t have standalone used bookstores in my area so I go to Goodwill, local charity shops, and consignments stores that offer more than just books. When the store’s focus isn’t solely on books you have a better chance at getting a really good deal.  
  • Have a list handy.   Especially if you aren’t familiar with classic authors (a quick search online can remedy that) but I find running through titles and authors in my mind before I start scanning the shelves to be the most helpful.  Thrifiting is also great for stumbling across new titles, so expect the unexpected.
  • If it looks good don’t hesitate to grab it.  Thifting is a game of finders keepers.  You can always weed through your stack before purchasing; better have the option to return a book to the shelf than watch someone else walk away with it. 
  • Stand. Your. Ground. I’m a nice girl and I’ll move if I feel like someone is encroaching on my personal space but that can mean losing out on a sweet find so don’t be a pushover! (I’m still working on this one.)
  • Learn from your mistakes. I once missed out on about a dozen Calvin and Hobbes comic books because I let some dude walk right in front of me with a cart and preceded to load them up.  Don’t let this happen because Calvin and Hobbes deserve better. 
  • Passing the test. Buying a book depends entirely on your comfort level with its condition.   I personally don’t mind a little wear around the edges of my used books, (they are after all used!) but a little examination doesn’t hurt.   Check that the binding is strong and, if you’re like me, that the book is free of writing in the margins, highlighting, or my least favorite underlining
  • Coughing up the cash.  I spend anywhere from 25 cents to $3.00 on the used paperbacks and hardcovers that I thrift.  More often than not expect to spend $1.00 a title.   
  • Always be on the hunt. Most shops receive new donations daily so it’s not a matter of picking the right day.  It’s an unpredictable game so the best rule is not to have any.  Some days you find zip and others you wake up in the morning with a prickly feeling that you’ll get lucky and come home with fifteen books for your collection.  Both of those scenarios I’ve experienced recently so the best advice I can offer is this: be open to the possibilities!

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No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

Original available here
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Natalie Dormer


1975, Moon Township, Pennsylvania. 



1975, Moon Township, Pennsylvania. 
If you can’t afford the good food or if you can’t afford health care or if you don’t have a job or if your car is dangerous because you can’t get it fixed and you DIE, you just lost the game-bzzzzz-thanks for playing extreme capitalism!
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"A Fair Acrobat Soundly Thrashes A Man" (1898). He threatened her father; she "boxed [him] well about the head." -via Bob Nicholson

She probably got drinks later with that lady cyclist who’s also been making the rounds of Tumblr.  Maybe they’re part of a Victorian girl gang who just roamed the country side thrashing random Victorian bros. Was there some sort of social epidemic that was once forgotten and is just now coming back to light?



Vincent Price rides some rolly-coasters.

This makes me smile!!

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Some of tonight’s Sketchbook ish.