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Starship Enterprise
Acrylic and Casein on board
25.5” x 19”

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Money sheep suit tv


Hand-writing over the asphalt.

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"Andrew Pyper, the ITW Award–winning author of six bestselling novels, has read a lot of horror stories. Here he writes about one novel that truly got under his skin.

"The other night, drinking in my backyard with some other writers, some of whom write thrillers and horror as I do, the question came up as to when was the last time we read something that really and truly terrified us. Not a piece of writing we admired for the way it constructed its scares, not something we found unsettling or offputting or creepy, but the real gut-level deal. Bona fide horror in book form.

"It took me a while to come up with my answer. .."

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Doug Shoemaker (American, b. 1949), Third St. Bridge, 2014. Watercolor, 24 x 24 in.

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Shriekback have independently rereleased their ‘80’s classic album Jam Science for the first time on CD, in a 2-disc limited edition featuring the full album, B-sides, unreleased tracks and remixes, as well as a full CD of their Hatfield Polytechnic gig from which many live B-sides were culled. Copies are limited through the Shriekback store.


The first time Winona and Johnny seen each other after they broke up

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