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Natalie Dormer


1975, Moon Township, Pennsylvania. 



1975, Moon Township, Pennsylvania. 
If you can’t afford the good food or if you can’t afford health care or if you don’t have a job or if your car is dangerous because you can’t get it fixed and you DIE, you just lost the game-bzzzzz-thanks for playing extreme capitalism!
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"A Fair Acrobat Soundly Thrashes A Man" (1898). He threatened her father; she "boxed [him] well about the head." -via Bob Nicholson

She probably got drinks later with that lady cyclist who’s also been making the rounds of Tumblr.  Maybe they’re part of a Victorian girl gang who just roamed the country side thrashing random Victorian bros. Was there some sort of social epidemic that was once forgotten and is just now coming back to light?



Vincent Price rides some rolly-coasters.

This makes me smile!!

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Some of tonight’s Sketchbook ish. 



They’re the first major publisher to sign with Bitlit, an app that lets you send a photo of your book’s copyright page with your name inked  on it in exchange for a deal on the ebook.

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Peter Joseph on structural violence, from this video.

WORD. Violence can take many forms. 

This resonates with the misconception that rape is always violent, instead of something that can happen quietly with the victim passed out or too scared to fight. What an astute perspective on our understanding of violence.

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"Chuck Palahniuk is breaking the first two rules of Fight Club: He’s talking about Fight Club.

"The story of an unnamed insomniac narrator, his violent id come to life in the form of Tyler Durden, and an underground society built on bare-knuckle brawls and anarchic ideas continues in Fight Club 2, a 10-issue Dark Horse Comics maxiseries illustrated by Cameron Stewart, debuting in May 2015…"

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Dr. Hal, Stang, Doe, and host Dr. Sinister tackle callers in this second half of the June 29 Radio Synaesthesia show, recorded just before leaving Cleveland for 17 X-Day at Wisteria/Starwood. Among the many topics covered: Ant music. Flying Spaghetti Monster and Discordians vs. Boo Hoo Bible & “Bob”. Stang’s “craydar.” Starwood vs. Burning Man. What’s wrong with this country. SubGenius vs. SuperGenius. Hal tells exactly why the Porridge Bird lays its eggs in the air. X-Day = 2017 according to G. W. Bush. Lovecraft. Ayn Rand Paul. Moral imperatives. “Sixty’s not old!” Presiserp Obabo’s Google Earth minions. Hal does lines from Half Life. 



Drugs Under The Microscope


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A.F. Vandevorst installation for Arnhem Mode Biennale 2011

“A girl sleeping in a hospital bed in her A.F. Vandevorst dress. But here, the girl as well as the mattress and pillow are made out of candle wax. Once lit, what starts as a perfect image will slowly melt and perish during the biennale.”

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