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"More than 10 years ago I made up a brand of paint. It was called Drummond’s International Grey. I had 1,000, one litre tins of it made…

"These tins of grey emulsion existed for one purpose only. I was selling them for you to use to paint over anything you found to be morally or aesthetically offensive.

"Basically I was in the business of promoting vandalism.

"…yesterday morning I walked past that billboard in Heath Mill Lane that was very cynically trying to pander to us at our most vulnerable and negative and not to our better selves…

"This billboard not only offended me morally and aesthetically it also went against everything that I feel political discourse should be about.

"Thus there was nothing for it, after my train pulled into Moor Street, I picked up my last remaining tins of Drummond’s International Grey and got to work…"

(via Bill Drummond in Birmingham: UKIP poster gets covered in International Grey - Birmingham Post)

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