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Andrew Cheverton ( @acheverton )

I drew this a hundred years ago - it’s a sketch card, so it’s only about 7cm by 10cm, something like that - and the only thing I think I’d change is the tail of the scarf, which I think looks scrappy. Check out the other pieces on this Shadow art blog - there are some tremendous artists on there. I’m honoured to be in such company.


julie newmar as catwoman contact sheet, circa 1960s

Hellboy ‘verse + color palettes

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Mike Mignola

Pretty much gonna reblog this anytime it pops up on my dash. I’ve always loved this image.

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this came out of a discussion with a friend about the spider-man movies. i mispoke, saying something along the lines of, “when spider-man lands on the american flag,” when i meant to say was the flag pole but of course, the damage was done and now you all have to look at this ridiculous thing. 

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Aliens vs. Predator by Mike Mignola


Aliens vs. Predator by Mike Mignola

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Annual 2014 First Look

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"Determining when a character has been whitewashed is, in theory, a rather simple task.  Specifically, it’s a matter of asking oneself:

  • "Was Character X established as a Person of Color in the original work?
  • "Has an adaptation of that work changed Character X so that they are now White instead?

"If the answer to both is “yes”, then whitewashing has occurred.

"Of course, reality has ways of taking the simplest of tests and adding a whole bunch of complications along the way.  For example, what if the answer to sub-question one is “yes and no”?  This is the case with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ April O’Neil, a character who had no established heritage aside from her last name of Irish origin, and whose looks could change rather drastically between appearances, because apparently, her creators–Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird–had different ideas, and never  definitively settled the question while they were working together.

"Because people are complicated, there are a lot of differing opinions about this matter, most with at least some evidence backing them up. Hence, this series, chronicling the many looks she’s had, beginning with the moment of her creation and taking us all the way to 2014, where she is set to appear on the big screen once again, this time played by Megan Fox.  The idea is not to argue for any particular conclusions–although I do have my own opinions on the matter–but simply to allow people to come to their own.  Plus, I like timelines, I really like seeing the visual evolution of a concept, and I think that April’s is, in particular, really interesting…"


Comic Meme> [5/5] Favorite Series

     Pretty Deadly

  “If you done been wronged…say her name, sing this song…Ginny rides for you on the wind, my child…death rides on the wind.”

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Black Hole #1-12 // Charles Burns

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Welcome, new follower billmurraay!

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