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Judge Dredd Trading Cards - Mick McMahon

Super set of trading cards from the maestro, Mick McMahon, commemorating major events and characters in the World of Judge Dredd!

  • Top: The main man himself - Judge Dredd!
  • From first Mega-epic, The Day The Law Died, vicious alien mercenary reptoids - the bloodthirsty Kleggs!
  • Huge Undercity dweller and heroic simpleton - Fergee.
  • Second epic storyline, The Cursed Earth, featuring Dredd's brave sidekicks - rock-munching alien, Tweak and punk-turned-saviour, Spikes Harvey Rotten.
  • ABC War-droid Hammerstein - similar to the ones Dredd had to fight in the Cursed Earth.
  • Judge Dredd is offered up to monstrous black tyrannosaur, Satanus, King of the Cursed Earth!

"Kevin Eastman And Peter Laird Collaborate On New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cover."

(Via Bleeding Cool Comic Book, Movies and TV News and Rumors)


Ad for The Puma Blues #23, the last published issue, by Stephen Murphy and Michael Zulli, 1989.


Ad for Eddy Current by Ted McKeever, 1988.

"Science-fiction artist MATT HOWARTH brings you a graphic novel of two star-crossed adventurers braving the dangers of the Myriad Song.

Myriad Quest will be a self-contained, 48-page graphic novel written and drawn by Matt Howarth and produced by Sanguine Games, makers of the Myriad Song role-playing game.  With your support, we’ll be producing the book in both print and electronic versions…”

Beautiful SubGenius Matt Howarth is making new comics. Give him your pennies.

(via MYRIAD QUEST - A Tale of the Myriad Song by Jason Holmgren — Kickstarter)


Dredd commish in colour.

Bloody lovely.


R. Crumb Illustrates Philip K. Dick’s Hallucinatory Spiritual Experience


Sam Kieth

Welcome, new follower inocencioribeiroworld!

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Hellboy: The Wild Hunt #1-8 covers by Mike Mignola

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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind art by Hayao Miyazaki

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Here are some random pages from the Common People minicomic done by Jamie Hewlett (of Tank Girl and Gorillaz). The comic was available with one of the singles for Pulp’s Common People (and the 1996 singles Simply Fuss Free boxset — which is, I think where I got mine).

Hewlett no longer does comics, but I have always enjoyed his graphic style. The full minicomic can be found at the Pulp wiki.

And I’m sure I’ve linked Common People enough, but here, again, is the video.

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Rogan Gosh by Brendan McCarthy.

It’s rare that I interview a creator who can provide answers that open with the phrase, “Myself and Brett Ewins, Bryan Talbot and Alan Moore were the first people to start off the new era of comics in the U.K.,” so while I had the chance, we discussed more than his new story, thanks to McCarthy’s willingness to give his time (and samples of his myriad works, past and present)…”