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"If I could go back in time and tell the, like, 11-year old me, like, one day, not only do you go to comic-con, you go to comic-con every year, so much so that, like, you get greeted by Stan Lee when you show up. You know, and the 11-year old me would be, like, “How did we get so fat?" - Kevin Smith.

Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope - Official Trailer [HD] (by ComicConDoc)


Myself and Tim Keable will be attending the DemonCon 3 convention in Maidstone, Kent, on April the 22nd. Other attendees include Kieron Gillen (PhonogramUncanny X-Men) and Andy Lanning (Infinite CrisisUltimate Spider-Man), as well as my fellow PJANG and Too Much Sex & Violence artist Robert Wells, and future Month Of Sundays collaborator David Frankum. This convention is an unexpected addition to the schedule, so we won’t have anything new to offer, other than the full range of current Angry Candy comics, signatures, sketches, and the natural bonhomie for which we are justly famed.

The event is being held in the Exchange Studio, part of the Hazlitt Arts centre, where there will be, aside from the usual independent and small press comics exhibitors, live wrestling. This is, as far as can be gauged, a first for comic conventions. More DemonCon details here.

  • Andrew Cheverton.


Caption is “a comics festival held in Oxford every summer since 1992”, a gathering of comic creators and readers in an incredibly informal setting - with a bar. Check out the Caption website for more details of guests, panels, activities and whatnot. Tim and I will be there on the Sunday most likely, although it’s possible that one or the other of us may make the Saturday also. I shall be premiering my new comic Pictures Made of Light at the event, and we both have contributions in the Art Auction taking place on the Saturday evening.

We’d love to see you there!


Summer Glau | Calgary Comic Expo 2011

Effortlessly sexy. Show me another woman in a plaid shirt and woollen tights - in a candid photograph, no less - a fraction as sexy as this. I’ll wait.