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Leon der Profi: Leon - Deluxe Figur

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"I’m 87 years old…I only eat so I can smoke and stay alive.. The only fear I have is how long consciousness is gonna hang on after my body goes. I just hope there’s nothing. Like there was before I was born. I’m not really into religion, they’re all macrocosms of the ego. When man began to think he was a separate person with a separate soul, it created a violent situation.

The void, the concept of nothingness, is terrifying to most people on the planet. And I get anxiety attacks myself. I know the fear of that void. You have to learn to die before you die. You give up, surrender to the void, to nothingness.

Anybody else you’ve interviewed bring these things up? Hang on, I gotta take this call….. Hey, brother. That’s great, man. Yeah, I’m being interviewed… We’re talking about nothing. I’ve got him well-steeped in nothing right now. He’s stopped asking questions.”

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Veronica Lake


Great Directors, 2009 (dir. Angela Ismailos)

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Roman Holiday screen test, 1952

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She wore blue velvet

Bluer than velvet was the night

Softer than satin was the light

From the stars 

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Caleb Slain spent 200 hours editing highlights from nearly 50 of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s screen performances into this 20-minute tribute to the late actor. I just watched it again, and not for the last time. From the accompanying description:

Compiling his legacy has been one of the most challenging experiences I’ve ever faced as an editor, and yet indescribably rewarding. I can assure you that after 22 years on screen and nearly fifty films, we now look at the work of an actor who never had a single dishonest moment on camera. I know because I’ve seen them all. Please take a breather and raise your glasses to one of our greatest.

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I’ve been waiting for Phil Tippett to respond to this joke

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It was beauty killed the beast.

La Belle et la Bête, King Kong

I hate most people. And I don’t want to, it’s an awful way to be. But the human race gives me no comfort. I find myself turning to books and films for comfort still. It’s repulsive, because one’s life consists of people, not things.
Morrissey in the June 14, 1986 issue of Sounds (via fuckyeahmoz)

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Jane Fonda in Tall Story (1960)

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"Somebody said I’m ‘the king of venereal horror,’ to which I always say: Well, it’s a very small kingdom, but it’s mine.” — David Cronenberg

"Somebody said I’m ‘the king of venereal horror,’ to which I always say: Well, it’s a very small kingdom, but it’s mine.” — David Cronenberg

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Bunny Lake is Missing (1965/dir. Otto Preminger)

Earlier drafts were more of an illustrative adaptation, more faithful to the novel, and as you proceed you realise there are things in it that are perhaps more interesting for a film. It’s departed significantly from the book, but I think there’s a companionship there…

"For me it was about her journey, the alien perspective and the opportunity of looking at the world through her lens. As a filmmaker you get an amazing opportunity to almost re-see things or see them for the first time as they’re being seen through her alien eye…"

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As for you Mama, judgement time

What movie is this?