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"Angela Carter… was not a horror writer in the same sense as Anne Rice or Stephen King; the bulk of her work is classified as magical realism (a made-up, jerk-off genre that permits English departments to acknowledge the existence of the human imagination), but her most celebrated book is a high gothic collection of short stories called The Bloody Chamber that you should read immediately if the genre holds any appeal for you. Or even if it doesn’t…"

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"I am standing here seeing it, I am seeing it and took the top off its skull where the brain is and inside, the most delicate writhe, each lobe filigreed, threaded and girdled with silvery death in all its masques and manifestations, in all its irrevocable forms: the elegant pulse of an aneurysm, an extravagant clutch of tumors concealed like an oyster’s pearl, clots like molded caviar and each molecule burning, shining silver light on the bone chips ragged and blood like the swirled center of a dubious treat; and nestled in the rich middle like eggs in a nest, eyes."

Books win awards. Books drink white wine. Books are discussed in hushed tones by earnest scholars. Books are genteel, books are mellow, books are housed in libraries where there is no talking. It’s hard to remember that books can be a punch in the nose, a bottle of beer broken over the head, a gob spat in the eye. Amiri Baraka’s in-your-face plays, Tom Wolfe’s go-go new journalism, Kathy Acker’s punk poetry. These writers set literature on fire and readers could either get on board or fuck off. James Herbert was one of them…”

The Ghoul, by Berni Wrightson.


Avoid that house in the woods.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Blair Witch Project


Blank table of contents page for the 1982 CREEPSHOW graphic novel by Bernie Wrightson.


The Outsider and Others | H.P. Lovecraft | 1939

First Edition. The first publication from Arkham House and first collection of Lovecraft’s stories, published posthumously, which would go on to not only to have an enormous influence on horror fiction, but on film and music as well.

Very Good plus in an about Very Good dust jacket. Light bumps to the top corners, and a slight lean. Jacket is rubbed, with light toing to the spine and rear panel, with chips and tears overall. Still, a mostly presentable example of the scarce dust jacket.

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Blood Widow (2014)

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"…this week sees the release of (Emily Carroll’s) highly-anticipated first major book release, Through the Woods, a collection of six atmospheric horror stories, including the superb His Face All Red, and having read it, I can attest to both it’s quality and the power Carroll’s work carries on the printed page. If you were wondering whether it’s worth picking up, I can reassure you on that front also: this is a book you want in your collection.

"On the eve of the book’s release, here’s an interview with the artists herself, discussing favourite artists, the horror of children’s books, starting out, differences in approach between print and online comics, careers, future projects, and more…"

HORNS Official Teaser Trailer (2014) Daniel Radcliffe [HD]


Swamp Thing. Acrylics.


Swamp Thing. Acrylics.

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