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"If you and your spouse happen to love Legend of Zelda, these rings were made for you. Takayas Custom Jewelry… has a whole Zelda-inspired collection. The designs feature yellow and white gold and diamonds with the Hylian shield carefully worked in.”

(via Legend of Zelda Wedding Collection)

"Forget Me Knot; a one-off (thankfully for Recht) ring where the designer’s own leather takes centre stage.”

A 110mm x 10mm strip of skin from Recht’s abdomen, removed in what he calls a ‘surgery-performance’… by a plastic surgeon, is treated and mounted to a 24 carat gold band – complete with a DNA certificate and DVD.”


The Legend of Zelda Heart Container Necklace

"Buy the most colorful petrified wood in the world! Petrified wood is 225 million years old, from the Triassic Era, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. This beautiful petrified wood is only found in Arizona. Our wood is cut and polished by artisans in our shop located near the Petrified Forest in Holbrook, Arizona. We sell bookends, slabs, stumps and jewelry made from petrified wood.We also sell meteorites, dinasour bones, kachina dolls and petrified wood rock concerts, AND NEW ITEM: OSTRICHES And OSTRICH EGGS!!!!!! Large quantities available, call for prices."

Jittrakarn Bunterngpiboon’s JEWELLERY

"Shape your own building from an ordinary box-shape ring."

Super Punch: Fairy tale inspired Story Rings.

This Breast Friends Heart Charm Set is perfect to share with your breast-est friend! Everyone remembers those best friend heart charm sets from childhood… well this unique version was inspired by that idea. It celebrates that one special friend who made growing up playing with Barbie dolls that much more awesome. One for you, one for her!”

Pi Necklace.

"Littlefly jewellery is made by laminating hundreds of sheets of paper together, then carefully finishing to a high gloss. The paper is selected and carefully removed from a book, and the jewellery re-inserted in the excavated space."

Personalised Vulva Pendants. Now I know what to get for Mothers’ Day.

Personalised Vulva Pendants. Now I know what to get for Mothers’ Day.

"For this work, I collected spent bullets at a firing range and made jewelery out of them."