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Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind art by Hayao Miyazaki

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Why do the Japanese Draw Themselves as White?

Wanting to be pale in Japan tends to be associated with class rather than race. In the past, if you were wealthy you didn’t have to work outside in the fields. Therefore, your skin would be pale. The whole idea that Japanese people idealize white skin due to Western influence is not well-grounded. 

In modern Japan, some women prefer tan men because that suggests that they are more active, as opposed to someone who stays at home all day. There are a number of sub cultures where Japanese women tan their skin because they associate having darker skin with beauty.  Even if Japanese culture idealizes pale skin due to it’s historic association with class, the Japanese people do not always share the same feelings when it comes to skin colour. 

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Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni ArawaruGiant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo” (by DarkMY heart)

See Inside Box for Details,” aims to re-evaluate our understanding of product advertising by juxtaposing unlikely and confronting elements into some of our most loved and well known consumer icons. Ben Frost confronts the conjoined twins of capitalism and consumerism with striking compositions that present a chaotic look at a seedy nature underlining pop culture, presenting sex and violence in a glamorous role.

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Old City BluesOld City Blues by Giannis Milonogiannis
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An interesting story with a ho-hum ending, greatly enlivened by some kinetic scribbly art halfway between Otomo and Paul Pope. Some of the panels descend into chaos, and a few of the hand-lettered speech balloons take some parsing, but this is a visually beautiful read.

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Psi-Judge Anderson, by Adam Warren.

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"Ame-Comi brings the style of Japanese Manga to DC Comics’ American superheroes. These superheroes were released by DC last year as action figures, and now we have the costumes!"


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