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Herein we present the last hour of the Ask Dr. Hal Show of 2-15-2013. It opens with an exceedingly, perhaps even painfully in-depth disection of the movie SON OF KONG, the actual fate of Skull Island, and very large butts (hence the JoCo cover of “Baby Got Back”). Other topics covered: eating frogs; Bobbies and X-Day; Zappa sucks; Hose vs. Hos and HoS; Winterstar and Prof. Chas Smith; giant pills; drugs and listeners; Radio Carpal Tunnel; Manopause; Jack Kirby comic book monsters and their underpants; kindergarten meth heads; Kona, Monarch of Monster Isle; demigods of X-Day; hiding from reality.

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- Live on WREK Atlanta 2012-12-08

Rev. Susie the Floozie’s show on WREK-Atlanta, “Bob’s” Slack Time Funhouse, is almost always carefully prepared with exacting machine-gun editing. This episode is an exception. She allowed the visiting Princess Wei ‘R.’ Doe and Rev. Ivan Stang to join her for two hours of live radio, of which this is Part One. Later in the show they were joined by Rev. Vaylor Trucks of Bonobos Convergence. Two truly bulldada tracks from the Floozeum LP Collection are played: “Martyrs” from the incredible album “Worlds of Youth,” and “Entropy” by Bruce Haack, one of the weirdest hipster albums for children ever conceived. Subjects covered in the live conversations: Canned Dave; Stang Ranch in South Hell; Don’t Pray to “Bob”; monsters as religion; SubGenius shows history; the tech hall at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; the 9 Voyages of Sinbad; Video Game Addiction (on Stang’s part); presenting a SubG Membership to Jonathan Coulton; the Hell of Weekly SubGenius Show Production; SubGenius Horror Hosts; Epcot Center; Mermaid Biology; Human Gullibility and Ignorance; Deer Crossings.


From Godzilla to Chucky to Crawling Eye, the definitive guide to a universe of scarifying baddies:


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Church of the SubGenius Hour of Slack #1277 - Live, Oct. 3 2010 - Rachel Maddow Meets “Bob”

Only a small part of this involves Rachel Maddow’s TV report involving the Church of the SubGenius. There’s music (Rudy Schwartz Project, Jonathan Coulton, Many Fisted Tails of Connie, and Xandy Smith (the actual son of Rev. Stang)), many fine LeMurian collages, Puzzling Evidence, The Large, and a lot of verbiage by Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Host Rev. Stang reviews the movie, MONSTERS, but otherwise, the subject matter is all over the place and off the charts. To tell the truth we can’t remember and haven’t listened back. We’re getting ready for the NYC SubGenius show.