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This is another of those crazy episodes that’s part old live stuff that sounds new, part new music, and part new versions of old music. And part a brand new interview with old Rev. Stang by old non-SubGeniuses. The Mama Kangaroo ladies are back singing Captain Beefheart songs, The Psycho Skeletons (all of them!) present two new skelpieces, and LeMur cuts up. Collages by Norel Pref are probably also imbedded in the 2005 WCSB yaks with Stang, Dave n’ Doe. Also included are excerpts of Rev. Stang being interviewed very recently by two local AM talk radio hosts who broadcast from a shopping mall. Stang’s real purpose in going was to get the testimony of one of those hosts (named David Lynch, believe it or not), who was witness to a long-ago Cleveland seminar for cops on how to identify gang signs — at which the Dobbshead was shown as an example of a “Satanic gang symbol.” Praise “Bob.”


The Electric Dog Show #2

A new audio/visual night in association with Soft Bodies Records, featuring live music & projections. Expect the unusual.


Howlround -
Gyratory System -
Quimper -

…and lots of weird & wonderful projections.
Twitter: @Electricdogshow

Wednesday 7th May 2014
Power Lunches Arts Cafe
446 Kingsland Road, Hackney, E8 4AE
Doors 7:30PM
£5 entry

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Here are the things that I already know about Syd Barrett:

  • I know that he was in Pink Floyd
  • I know that he went crazy 
  • I know that it is sad
  • I also know that “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” is about him

I really like the way the front and the back covers of this album look and I also like how it says “File under POPULAR Male Vocal” in the corner on the back cover. (It’s hard to see in my picture, just trust me.)


I’ve never seen that on an album before, and all I can picture is this idea of an old man owning a record store for forever and then suddenly not knowing how to keep up with all the weird music from the 1960’s and 70’s, so he would rely on this guidance in the corner. “Popular, Male Vocal!” Thank you!

This album starts with a really beautiful intro of just a single guitar playing and then gets even prettier as the other instruments come in with a slight melancholy feel to it. Right away it’s reminding me of Brian Eno, but Brian Eno would have been influenced by Syd Barrett, right? I just asked Alex and he said “I think Brian Eno was doing his rock music a couple of years after this, but I Think Roxy Music was putting out music at this time, I’m not sure.” 

So far, I’m really liking the quiet feel that this music has. The vocals have a way of feeling background yet still totally necessary, which I like. The second song, “Love Song" makes you sort of want to skip to it, and also lie perfectly still at the same time while listening to it and is making me think of Belle and Sebastian a little bit.

This is really, really good and I’m actually feeling a little bit mad that Alex has barely played this record in the 9 years that we have been together. I just said to him, “why have you never played this record?” And he was all, “I have!” but I don’t recognize it, and I wish I did. I’m really liking every time the organ and piano come into a song. On the instrument listing on the back cover, it also says that a “Harmonium” is played, but I don’t know if I know what that sounds like. “Dominoes" kind of goes into a jazzy jam session towards the middle and I’m totally feeling it. It’s like The Doors "Riders on the Storm" but more improvised and creative sounding.

I feel like this album has a way of sounding like it’s from the 60’s or 70’s- maybe because of the organs and piano and some of the ways that certain melodies sound, but then it also really sounds like it could be from a brand new band today. Like a band from Brooklyn’s debut album, and I really like that about it! Is that the definition of timeless? I think this feels really timeless, like a Chanel suit.

In the song “Rats,” the vocals start to sound like a chant, and I kind of just zoned out while listening to it, but in the best possible way. The next song, “Maize,” has a blues sound to it, and is so perfect. I was starting to get sick of white dudes in bands trying to imitate black blues singers by covering their songs (like with The Animals and even The Barbarians)- it just never sounded as good to me. But as far as I can tell, this is an original Syd Barrett song, using blues as it’s influence and that’s how you make it work. He doesn’t sound like he’s trying to sound like someone he’s not, the song sounds like it’s taking the influence of a genre and making it it’s own. It really works.

Side two starts with a song called “Gigolo Aunt,” which is awesome. I just said to Alex, “This is called ‘Gigolo Aunt,” and Alex told me that there’s actually a band named after this song. Good job guys, that’s a good band name. What the heck does Gigolo Aunt even mean? I’m looking at the track titles right now though, and I have to say, I think “Wolfpack" would make a better band name. That’s song number 4 on side two. We haven’t heard it yet. "Gigolo Aunt" is also really reminding me of Belle and Sebastian! Belle and Sebastian are a band that I didn’t hear of until my freshman year in college. All of the people I seemed to be making friends with (most of whom were from Framingham, MA btw) loved Belle and Sebastian, and I was all- I don’t get it, it’s so whiny to me. And then I’d put on Dave Matthews Band, and they’d all be like, what the hell Sarah, this sucks. And then one day Belle and Sebastian just clicked SUPER hard for me, and it was almost like in that same moment that I didn’t like Dave Matthews Band anymore. (Okay, it wasn’t exactly like that, but I would need a blog post on it’s own to figure out how I stopped thinking Dave Matthews Band was the best band ever). Anyway, all of that feels significantly connected to the fact that I am digging this album SO HARD right now, and it might be my favorite one that I’ve reviewed!

Ultimately, this album has so many scenarios that you would want to listen to it: you could smoke a joint to this album, you could put it on on a rainy Sunday when you’re just hanging around in your pj’s drinking coffee and reading the paper, you could put it on if you were going to make out with a boy you just started dating, or if your best friend was over to catch up over wine or tea. You could even put this album on if you like falling asleep to music, or reading with music on in the background. Whatever your scenario is, put this album on! And if you are a fan of this album, tell me when you decided to play it too if you want, I’d love to know!



Inspired by David Bowie’s 1980 Floor Show.

The 1980 Floor Show (a pun on the song “1984” - 19-Eighty-Floor) was to be David Bowie’s last appearance as “Ziggy Stardust”. The show itself was a spectacular stage production that was filmed over 3 days in 1973, mostly at The Marquee Club, Soho, London for the American NBC TV late night show The Midnight Special.

i must know the details of this doll what scale is this where did that sculpt come from who is responsible for this how do i tell them how awesome they are and most importantly how do i build my own miniature david bowie this is an emergency


Where is the complete deck please?

"Ballardian Video Neuronica

"A film and sound seance manifesting J G Ballard neurones. Mobilised by ultracolour and inframusic, anatomised hallucinogenetics and proximity psychopathagens…"

(via 14.04.14 HYPERBALLARD - Foxx - Karborn - Barnbrook)

"Nestled in the lush greenery of southern Vermont on the banks of the Connecticut river, lies the bizarre haven of Brattleboro, home to the chivalrous rock and roll duo Great Valley. Comprised of Peter Nichols and Jo Miller-Gamble, Great Valley have been kind enough to bestow their latest opus, “Lizards of Camelot”, to their northern neighbors up here at NNA. “Lizards” manages to cross over from a mere concept album into what we would call more of a “journey” album, by creating a vivid tale of a reptilian-led escapade through lands unknown. Peter and Jo weave this folklore with the classical palette of guitar, drums, vocals and keyboard, resulting in a warbly, technicolor flavor of rock that stands alone in terms of sonics and atmosphere. Tastefully twangy guitar lines flutter out over fat organ bass lines and ultra locked-in drum beats, with a unique concoction of bombastic drum triggers and synthesizer filigree bringing it all together. At times resembling The Cure playing a heated game of D&D, “Lizards” mixes up all the tastiest facets of rock into a cohesive whole, with elements of New Wave, progressive rock, surf guitar shred, and classic Sixties psychedelia all thrown into the mix. Peter’s slithery, love-soaked crooning narrates the adventure, like a bard’s song unfolding over a technical assemblage of rock-blocks. The strong, groove-laden songwriting is reinforced with warped, nitrous balloney interludes melting throughout, with plenty of digital flutes, chimes, and keyboard solos accentuating the odyssey. While hard to categorize, “Lizards Of Camelot” is soaked through with the unmistakable “Brattleboro sound”, fitting in nicely alongside like-minded freaky friends such as Blanche Blanche Blanche, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Chris Weisman, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Big French and so on, many of whom have lent loving contributions to these recordings. Although DIY at heart, “Lizards” has all the makings of a well-conceived and executed proper Album, assembled at home by pouring imagination into an 8-track, like a punk mentality shining through a Brian Wilson-esque lens to create the ultimate bedroom fantasy."


David Lynch & Lykke Li - I’m Waiting Here

(via davidlynchmuseum)


“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away.” - Henry David Thoreau

Song released by Brighton Sharbino & Kyla Kenedy ! Inspired by the 14th episode of the Fourth Season of The Walking Dead, “The Grove”

Spoilers for The Walking Dead, 4:14 - The Grove.

Begin Again by Brighton Sharbino & Kyla Kenedy (by JRDG Productions)

"A.N.T.Z by Johna Johnson.

"People often ask me what it was like following Adam & the Antz before they went Poptastic… It was like some sort of testosterone ritual. It’s really hard to describe how people danced at Antz gigs – it’s got to be seen to be believed. The music seemed to transform people into potential ‘homicidal’ maniacs. I have seen people, who are placid in nature, turn into potential maniacs once the music starts. My mate Duncan showed some photos someone took of people dancing at an Antz show and they all looked like they were having a nervous breakdown!

"To see the ants live was an unbelievable experience and no other Punk gig came close, including the Sex Pistols…"


Where she listens to her husband’s record collection, one record at a time, and tells you what she thinks.


Deborah Harry - 1978

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The original plan was to worship various guitar players of the Church of the SubGenius, but Stang’s attention was snagged just before leaving for the station by something else: not the Academy Awards, which were happening that night, but the intensely jealous comments from “the peanut gallery” following a Yahoo news article about the red carpet getting rained on. Amazing how the most trivial subject matter still leads inexorably to vehement dissertations about the evils of the Negro President and climate science. So, Stang & Doe read the Yayhoos of Yahoo again. Despite this distraction, Time Control is discussed at length with Lonesome Cowboy Dave, along with every other damn thing, especially the Conspiracy. The episode opens however with a kick-ass major collage by The Large plus some great LeMur bits and PR Gnus. Musical guests: The Psycho Skeletons and The Rainmakers. The background music for the live yakking is a great jam recorded at 9X-Day Drill involving The Amino Acids, Lonesome Cowboy Dave and Princess Wei.