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"As the head Stooge and godfather of punk revealed this week, he can’t actually live off music any more…

"…a new reality has tripped him up and it’s the same one shafting artists all across the world: Namely, that everyone wants to listen, and no one wants to pay…"


Debbie Harry - 1978

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'Twas the Third Day of 17X-Day Drill, second hour upon the stage (at Wisteria's Caffeina's Café) and braving the mics were Dr. Hal, Rev. Susie the Floozie, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe and Rev. Ivan Stang. Topics: Monsters and mattress-sniffers. The Candiru Toad. Giant Tree Lobsters. The History of Skull Island Exploration. Cleavage Amplifiers. Snuckles' remains and the Giant Footprints. Susie Vs. mammals. Susie's Undies. Stang's Gorilla Poem. The Holy Bobjism at the Pond. A Titnotic Chestament to Our Faith. Peckers with Tassles. Church sexism. Facebook vs. Buttbook. Something is loose in the woods! Coal is not made from dinosaurs. The Local Noahs. Rapey-er Wit. 

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Once again we offer a cross section of best songs and rants from the 17X-Day Drill stage, mixed with some Devo covers from the latest NNBBM compilation: Dr. Hal, Andrew the Impales, Mutant Mountain Boys, Priestess Pisces, Evolution Control Committee, Milnar, Sunflower Saints, Psycho Skeletons, Reagan’s Polyp. Dave calls in late, feeling poorly, so we and the listeners “pray” for him. We announce the new SubGenius Bandcamp site and three upcoming devivals or otherwise Sub-centric parties. There is a discussion about the dangers of non-Frop drugs, and a reaction to the news of lab-grown penii. Some dare call it surrealism. We call it Morealism.

"Once in awhile you’ll see all these names of people who’ve gotten platinum records and you have no idea who they are. And a year later, neither does anyone else! It’s become this accelerated vacuum sucking any potential income as fast as possible, at the expense of any kind of morality or authenticity or any form of trying to discuss long-term issues. It’s become this machine—worse than ever before. We give a lot of talks at universities and when we ask, ‘what would you like, if you could have anything?’ And the most common response is, ‘I want to be rich and famous.’ And we say, ‘for doing what?’ And they say, ‘I don’t care, as long as I’m rich and famous.’ That is a massive obstacle to wisdom…"


On this day, September 30th, in 1985: Tom Waits and Island Records released “Rain Dogs.”

Today’s soundtrack: I’m a rain dog, too.

Today’s quote: “If we couldn’t get the right sound out of the drum set we’d get a chest of drawers in the bathroom and bang it real hard with a two-by-four.”

Today’s book club: Barney Hoskyns’ “Lowside of the Road.”

Today’s once annual gathering: Waitstock

Today’s graffiti:

Today’s ill-advised tattoo:

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The first half is another collection of 17X-Day best-of live recordings: rants from Rev. Baby Bear, Stang reading Good Rev. Roger, and Rev. Manx Darqpaw; songs by The Mutant Mountain Boys, Phat ManDee, Multiple Fisted Tails of Connie, and Andrew the Impaled (including a cover of a Tom Lehrer song!). That part of the show is really good. Then it’s crazy talk live from WCSB with Lonesome Cowboy Dave attending by phone. And by crazy talk, what we really mean is REALLY crazy talk. Praise “Bob.” 


The lovely Debbie Harry

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A collection of self-portrait Polaroids shot by Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks will go on display at a New York City gallery next month after languishing in a shoebox for decades.

“Some people don’t sleep at night. I’m one of those people,” Nicks said in a statement about the photographs. “I would begin after midnight and go until 4 or 5 in the morning. I stopped at sunrise, like a vampire. I never really thought anyone would ever see these pictures.”

As a rock star and global icon, Debbie Harry has been photographed thousands of times. But never quite like this: in spare, intimate portraits, many of them taken in dingy apartments and clubs before she was famous.

“It was casual. There wasn’t much setup or manipulation (of the photos),” said Chris Stein, her Blondie bandmate and former lover who took the photos. “We were together all the time anyway.”

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This one’s solid Spouting from the July 3, “2014” recordings from Wisteria during 17X-Day Drill. And we probably said too much. It’s Dr. Hal, Rev. Stang, and Princess Wei, with testimonies from “Suds” Pshaw, Rev. Skull and Pater & Petal Nostril. The corpse of the mysteriously-killed dog “Snuckles” is displayed (albeit not by radio) and the mystery deepens when Pater and Petal deliver their account of an attack on their car while they were in it. Who is the unseen culprit? Some sort of monster? Ol’ Sequaw? Dr. Legume or Philo Drummond? Between the speculation on the bizarre Wisteria marauder, many Church secrets — FORMER secrets, rather — were accidentally revealed, especially about the real freaks of the Church. One example: “Bob” renews himself by shedding and then eating his own skin. Also: Ren and Stimpy. There’re some pretty good Dobbs Sales rants in there too. Lovecraft fans may be especially interested. 

Shriekback have independently rereleased their ‘80’s classic album Jam Science for the first time on CD, in a 2-disc limited edition featuring the full album, B-sides, unreleased tracks and remixes, as well as a full CD of their Hatfield Polytechnic gig from which many live B-sides were culled. Copies are limited through the Shriekback store.

"Marco Arment, a former executive at Tumblr and a technology developer, said: “The damage here isn’t that a bunch of people need to figure out how to delete an album that they got for free and are now whining about. It’s that Apple did something inconsiderate, tone-deaf, and kinda creepy for the sake of a relatively unimportant marketing campaign, and they seemingly didn’t think it would be a problem.”"