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Blank table of contents page for the 1982 CREEPSHOW graphic novel by Bernie Wrightson.

If there’s one thing that Stephen King understands above all others – above spider demons and psychic communication lines and psychopathic fans – it’s addiction. He’s shown that again and again, with characters demonstrating that what they need isn’t always the same as what they want. In The Shining, Jack wants to write, to look after his family; he needs the drink that he’s trying to escape from. In Misery, Annie’s wants – her basic desires – turn nasty when they become needs (as, frankly, do Paul’s). It’s a recurring theme. So when King calls a novel Needful Things, you know he’s not entering the territory of desire with anything resembling a soft touch…”

"McDowell’s reputation seems to live predominantly on the good things (Stephen) King has said about him, namely that he was at one point “the finest writer of paperback originals in America.” There is a ring of American tragedy in this propensity to do something well that is widely perceived as objectively bad — it is fascinating, bordering on perverse. But McDowell didn’t see his genre that way and neither do the admirers of his work, a group that has been growing steadily since his early death 15 years ago…"

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"An excerpt from Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King:

"The waiter returns to ask if there will be anything else. Hodges starts to say no, then orders another cup of coffee. He just wants to sit here awhile, savoring double happiness: it wasn’t Mr. Mercedes and it was Donnie Davis, the sanctimonious cocksucker who killed his wife and then had his lawyer set up a reward fund for information leading to her whereabouts. Because, oh Jesus, he loved her so much and all he wanted was for her to come home so they could start over…"

Mr Mercedes - trailer of Stephen King’s upcoming book.

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"Overlook Hotel" socks from Sockaholic, inspired by The Shining

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Cover art for a fictitious Criterion release of The Shining.

Artist: Gary E. Irwin

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""Plug it up, plug it up," yell Carrie’s classmates in the extraordinary opening to Stephen King's debut novel. Carietta White, bullied for years at school, the daughter of a domineering, ultra-religious mother and the owner of unsuspected telekinetic powers, has just got her first period at the age of 16 while in the showers at school, and thinks she is bleeding to death.

""Carrie looked down at herself. She shrieked. The sound was very loud in the humid locker room," writes King.

""The laughter, disgusted, contemptuous, horrified, seemed to rise and bloom into something jagged and ugly, and the girls were bombarding her with tampons and sanitary napkins, some from purses, some from the broken dispenser on the wall."

"That story, written by a 26-year-old teacher and laundry worker and published for the first time on 5 April 1974, would go on to transform King’s life…"