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Grimoire Decor via Tokyo Telephone

Grimoire Almadel: Map

Grimoire Original: Map

If I ever get to go to Japan, I’d like to visit Grimoire.

"…appropriately titled, ‘bite it’ and ‘pink eye’ the customized fittings were made by carving out openings and inserting plastic-cast taxidermy molds into them. featuring a snarling mouth and creepy eye, the parts are held together with construction adhesive and 2-part epoxy glue, making the intimidating look durable, with additional sculpting done using epoxy putty. achieving an intimidatingly real-life look, details were painted in acrylic, while the body was given a matte-black spray finish."

(clem chen inserts taxidermy molds into bike seat sculptures)

(via BoingBoing)


Today I visited Prairie Gothic, an oddities/gift shop in Guthrie. They had some interesting taxidermy.


A [Rogues] Gallery of Some Amazing Rogue Taxidermy

Imagination and taxidermy combine to form rogue taxidermy. See more examples in this Stuff You Should Know gallery.

(via mostlysignssomeportents)

"This pony was made from a baity G3 October Dreams birthstone pony who had her jewel cut out. I smoothed over the pony’s eyes, neck seam, tail and hair plug holes with Apoxy Clay. Real glass taxidermy eyes of various types where used, super glued to the pony, then sculpted eyelids added using Apoxy Clay. I used a thin sewing needle to add tiny holes for "eyelashes" to be inserted into later."

(Wrenniepooh’s My Little Pony Custom Creations Gallery) (via BoingBoing.)

"A late 19th-century French mansion shuttered for more than a century has opened its doors to the public, revealing an array of outdated luxuries and oddities."